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Down the Champions' slopes to relive the 2006 Winter Olympics

Le piste olimpiche

One of the most prestigious events starring the city of Turin was without a doubt the 2006 Winter Olympics. The event’s organisation deeply involved the local administration and population. Just think that 20,000 volunteers were involved in organising the games. Given the nature of the event, specific modernisation and valorisation work was carried out on the territory and sporting facilities, involving the mountain municipalities near the city. For those of you stopping in Turin or its surroundings for long enough, you might find it interesting to cover the tracks of the athletes during these last winter Olympics. The slopes used for alpine and cross-country skiing, snowboarding and bobsleighing are definitely a meeting place for winter sports enthusiasts who visit in hordes during the winter months. Nonetheless, it is also an ideal place to visit in summer when the snow has melted, leaving behind the charm of the area which hosted the Olympic Games. In particular, take a look at the astounding Pragelato ski jumps, or go for a leisurely walk along the cross-country skiing tracks or along the trails that lead to the lodges dotted about near the top of each slope, slalom, giant and super G. Even when the snow has melted, and perhaps even more so, the steepness of the slopes is truly impressive. For those of you who wish to follow the trails of the Olympic champions, here is a list of all the places where the competition took place and which carried on in the sporting function after the Olympics. As far as the city of Turin is concerned, the only facility still in use exclusively for ice skating sports is the Palaghiaccio ice rink in Corso Tizzoli (training rink). The other facilities were converted for multi-purpose use in order to host both sporting and other events. The skiing disciplines, bobsleighing, ski jumps, curling, skeleton and snowboarding mostly took place in Val Susa. As for Nordic skiing, the ski-lift facility takes you up to slopes with different gradients and difficulty levels to meet the most extensive requirements. The ski-lift, chairlift and cable car service connects the majority of slopes and also takes non-skiers to the lodges. Lastly, many services are also open in the summer, making it possible to reach the top of the peaks to go for a walk or just lounge around in the lodges. Here is a list of locations where the Olympic Games took place which can be accessed

  Slalom gigante perallelo uomini e donne Pista 23 Loc. Melezet
  Half pipe uomini e donne Pista 24 Loc. Melezet
  Snowboard cross uomini e donne Pista 23 Loc. Melezet
  Biatlon - Pista di Fondo

Loc. San Sicario

Durante l’estate è possibile percorrere il sito a piedi o in bicicletta





Loc. Pariol

Discesa libera donne

Discesa Libera Combinata donne

Super G donne

Pista Fraiteve
  Area di allenamento dello sci alpino Loc. Frais


Vicinanze della Stazione ferroviaria.

  Sci di Fondo

Loc. Pragelato Plan

A pochi chilometri dal Sestiere

  Combinata nordica Loc. Pragelato Plan
Sauze d'Oulx    

Loc. Jouvenceaux

A 2 chilometri a valle del centro urbano, pochi chilometri dalla stazione ferroviaria di Oulx


Slalom uomini e donne

Slalom Combinata uomini e donne

Pista Giovanni Alberto Agnelli
  Slalom Gigante uomini e donne Pista Sises

Discesa Libera uomini

Discesa Libera Combinata uomini

Super G uomini