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The climate in Turin


Due to its geographical position, the city of Turin is marked by cold, but not harsh winters, and hot but not torrid summers. In summer, the temperature is around 24 degrees, while it very rarely drops below zero in winter, although the air is cold. Spring is accompanied by a mild climate while the more humid autumn weather unfortunately favours the formation of banks of fog. The city of Turin is attentive to tourism demands, but, unlike other places, it is not assaulted by hordes of tourists like Venice or Florence. This is why Turin is an ideal destination any time of year, including the summer months. The city of Turin can also be an ideal stopover for travellers to Europe, especially France, or who are on their way back and, considering its proximity to the Alps, the visit to the Piedmontese capital can be combined with a skiing holiday or a summer in the mountains. In any case, given the artistic and cultural wealth the city affords, Turin well deserves an attentive and quiet visit, preferably organised in spring or early summer.


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Castello di Aglie
Castello di Aglie